the new sanriotown!

Sanrio Digital, a joint venture between Typhoon Games and Sanrio Wave Hong Kong Co. Ltd. has completely renovated the official online presence for Hello Kitty and friends, Sanriotown ( ), with new flash games, blog, photo, video and online shopping features embracing the social web.

The two most prominent of the newly introduced features are Kitty Shop and Dream Studio, while other features on the site like blogs, chat, message boards and avatars inject more fun into the social networking environment for users.

Dream Studio is an advanced web technology that enables users to create and direct their own flash movies by simply uploading video, photos and MP3 music. With this new feature, users are able to indulge themselves with the latest online trends and embed their videos on their own website, blogs, or other community portals, creating an online networking community that is
unique to Sanriotown.

In addition to the above, there will be other advanced and innovative entertainment products released. For example, a massive multiplayer Hello Kitty online game is currently in the final stages of development, bringing mature Hello Kitty fans and online gamers higher levels of difficulty, excitement and interaction.

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hello kitty skype phone

The Hello Kitty Skype phone, produced under license by Perfectel, has just been launched in Hong Kong and China and is available to buy through branches of 7 Eleven there for HK$128 (about $16.50 USD).

Perfectel, currently doesn't have any plans to introduce the phone over here...

via Web User Magazine

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