eva air wins award for hello kitty plane

EVA Air, the Taiwanese airline has been awarded "Best Livery" in the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2007, for its quirky Hello Kitty jet. The Awards, featured in the February issue of the magazine, were announced at a party on January 10, 2007 and decided by a panel from the editorial team at the style bible.

Travel editor at Wallpaper* Jeroen Bergmans explained the decision: "Although airlines do try to be innovative in terms of design and luxury, often their first class lounges end up looking bland, corporate and at best like a modern furniture showroom. The food in first and business class may be Michelin-starred, the service of a very high standards and the seats my convert into flatbeds, but it is rare to come across a product that is fun and quirky. The EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet is camp, crazy and quintessentially Asian and will also keep those wailing children entertained throughout the flight!"

EVA Air's two Hello Kitty jets have proved amazingly popular on routes from Taiwan to Japan, with flights booked up for months in advance and a huge demand for EVA Air, Hello Kitty memorabilia.

KW Nieh, EVA Air's spokesperson commented: “We are of course delighted to be honoured by such a prestigious and influential title. Our customers love the EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet and it is gratifying to be recognised internationally as an innovative airline.”

The new Kitty Jet 2, themed inside and out, entertains passengers on special flights from Taipei to Nagoya, Osaka and Sendai and was introduced in October 2006. The second jet complements EVA's established, successful Kitty Jet services to Fukuoka and Tokyo.

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an artist with an odd sense of humor has a "goodbye kitty" series...

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hello kitty snowmen for sale

"The picture above shows the plastic mold on the right into which the snow is packed, and the left is an actual Snow Kitty which came out of the package. The Kitty arrives in a refrigerated delivery pack, with the snow packed inside the mold. The kids can then have great fun taken out the frozen Kitty, and sticking the 2 eyes, 1 nose, and six whiskers, which are included in the package, onto Kitty’s face."
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Every year very popular! From the northern country the kitty delivery ♪ Hokkaido large built up white message with the snow which piles up in the nature Onuma semi-national park, because it is the commodity of the ♪ period limitation to which the snowman of the kitty is appearance, not to flee!!...

* Size
Substance : Approximately height 35cm× diameter 26cm
Package : Approximately height 45cm× diameter 32cm
Weight : Approximately there are times when it changes within 6kg (with the state of the snow)

* Accessory: 2 eyes and nose one, self-depreciation 6

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so hello kitty causes cancer...

"Some shampoos and other bath products still contain traces of a cancer-causing petrochemical that federal health officials have expressed concerns about for more than 20 years, according to test results announced Thursday by environmental activists...

According to the environmental group, the highest concentrations, 23 parts per million, were detected in Clairol Herbal Essences Rainforest Flowers Shampoo and Olay Complete Body Wash With Vitamins, both made by Procter & Gamble. The highest in a children's product was 12 ppm, in Hello Kitty Bubble Bath, sold by Kid Care, a division of Cosmetic Essence Inc."

Testing finds traces of carcinogen in bath products - LA Times.com

hello kitty usb-powered keyboard cleaner and destop vacuum

"The Hello Kitty USB-powered keyboard cleaner gets all the juice it needs from one of your lonely USB ports, and features two separate cleaning heads to get all the nitty gritty out from between your QWERTY keys. Furthermore, the cleaning utensil resides nicely on the back (photo after the jump) of an included Hello Kitty figurine when it's not surveying the deep, dark crevice between the left and right bracket keys, but we highly doubt the bristles are machine washable. Per usual, we've no idea how much toy sellers plan on charging for this somewhat useful (but entirely de trop) keyboard sweeper, but we're confident that the hardcore fans out there will find a way as they always do."

or maybe you're looking for something more like this mini-vacuum...

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