Sexy celebrity helps launch new Hello Kitty magazine

Mainichi Daily News
Sexy celebrity Aki Hoshino teamed up with Hello Kitty at the Sanrio Corp. headquarters in Tokyo's Chuo-ku on Tuesday to launch the "Bi-Weekly Hello Kitty Accessory Collection," a new collection from the furry feline character.

Hoshino, 29, wore the same style pink dress as the Hello Kitty character who turned up for the event.
"I got a phone call from Kitty yesterday and we decided to wear matching outfits," the sultry starlet said. "I really love Hello Kitty."

Each issue of the new magazine will feature a different country as its theme. Magazines are sold accompanied by trinkets supposed to derive from that country, while Hello Kitty will provide information about the history and culture of the country in the spotlight.

The magazine will also include features about the Hello Kitty Museum, which contains all of the thousands of different types of Hello Kitty merchandise that has been produced since the cat character first appeared in 1975.

The first issue will focus on Britain, where Hello Kitty is supposed to live, and is accompanied by a charm bracelet and jewelry pouch modeled on Victorian England styles. The inaugural issue sells for 990 yen, while future issues will cost 1,890 yen apiece. There are plans to issue 50 editions.

Hoshino's dress was typically low-cut allowing her to flaunt her bust. Hoshino said she is a huge Hello Kitty fan whose home is filled with trinkets related to the cat. She wore a Hello Kitty ring on her finger, which prompted a reporter to ask if she had found herself a boyfriend.

"Not yet," Hoshino said. "But my home is packed with Hello Kitty stuff, so I want a guy who is gonna like Kitty, too." (Mainichi)

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