hello kitty snowmen for sale

"The picture above shows the plastic mold on the right into which the snow is packed, and the left is an actual Snow Kitty which came out of the package. The Kitty arrives in a refrigerated delivery pack, with the snow packed inside the mold. The kids can then have great fun taken out the frozen Kitty, and sticking the 2 eyes, 1 nose, and six whiskers, which are included in the package, onto Kitty’s face."
via stippy.com

Every year very popular! From the northern country the kitty delivery ♪ Hokkaido large built up white message with the snow which piles up in the nature Onuma semi-national park, because it is the commodity of the ♪ period limitation to which the snowman of the kitty is appearance, not to flee!!...

* Size
Substance : Approximately height 35cm× diameter 26cm
Package : Approximately height 45cm× diameter 32cm
Weight : Approximately there are times when it changes within 6kg (with the state of the snow)

* Accessory: 2 eyes and nose one, self-depreciation 6

via translated japanese sanrio site