The Horrifying (Yet Hydrating) Hello Kitty Sheet Mask

Narikiri is a Japanese term meaning "to turn completely into" something, as in "turn yourself completely into the beautiful and adorable Hello Kitty." But in a really scary way, for anyone who happens to see you wearing one of these things. Nothing is quite so satisfying as rejuvenating your skin while terrorizing spouses, siblings, neighbors, and possibly even the family dog!

Any one of these five narikiri face masks will cute-ify your self care experience with luxurious spa ingredients such as witch hazel and Damask rose water. Just clean your face, then take out one of the masks to transform yourself into X-Ray Hello Kitty, Kawaii Hello Kitty, Zombie Hello Kitty, Rose Hello Kitty (red bow), or Cherry Blossom Hello Kitty (pink bow). Enjoy 15-20 minutes of relaxation... or spend the time chasing someone around the house. Then simply remove the mask, and pat your skin gently until the leftover essence is absorbed into your face. Your skin will be completely refreshed and your family will be totally freaked out at your miraculous transformation.

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